LIVE BLOG: Randolph County School Levy and Board of Education Election Results

Check back throughout the evening as Elkinite updates you on the Randolph County Board of Education Election and School Levy Results. This blog will be updated all evening.


The County Courthouse is packed as folks await election results. It’s an exciting atmosphere, but a lot of key issues will be decided upon tonight.


The current numbers reflect early voting and some precincts. We will try to break down the numbers further as we get them.


The current results reflect 20 precincts reporting and early voting totals. The precincts in bold below have reported so far.


We’re currently waiting for 6 precincts to report. That amounts to 5,184 potential voters. The levy is currently passing by 18 votes.


All precincts have reported. Updating totals momentarily. The levy was voted down.

UPDATE: 10:13 PM (Final Thoughts for the night)

A few thoughts on the levy vote this time around compared to the fall.

  • Turn out was considerably higher than in the fall. 4,846 votes were issues for the levy in the fall, compared to 8,431 this spring.
  • The levy vote closer this spring compared to this fall. The levy was voted down by a margin of 11.18 percent in the fall. This spring is was voted down by a margin of 5.37%.
  • The key take away is the difference that can be made if all voters were active and engaged in the political process. There are 17,319 registered voters in Randolph County. Today, only 48.68% (8,431) voted. More than half of our population did not vote. We must work together to find away to get more individuals to the polls and work to make everyone more involved in the civic life of our community.


Randolph County School Levy Results

Elkins District

Precinct 23 (Jennings Randolph):

Precinct 24 (Jennings Randolph):

Precinct 25 (Courthouse Annex):

Precinct 27 (Elkins Middle School):

Precinct 28 (Elkins Middle School):

Precinct 28A (Third Ward School):

Precinct 30 (Randolph County Community Arts Center):

Precinct 31 (Elkins Senior Center):

Precinct 75 (Third Ward School):

Precinct 80 (North School):

Precinct 85 (Midland School):

Cheat District

Precinct 150 (Coalton School):

Precinct 155 (Midland School):

Precinct 160 (North School):

Precinct 170 (Leading Creek Fire Department):

Precinct 180 (Nazarene Youth Center):

Precinct 185 (Bowden Fish Hatchery):

Precinct 190 (Whitmer Fire Department):

Tygart District

Precinct 200 (Beverly Fire Department):

Precinct 202 (Beverly Fire Department):

Precinct 205 (Homestead School):

Precinct 210 (Huttonsville Community Center):

Precinct 215 (Valley Head School)

Precinct 220 (Pickens School):

Precinct 225 (Georege Ward School):

Precinct 227 (George Ward School):

Total: 8,431

For- 3,989 (47.31%)

Against-4,442 (52.68%)




Randolph County Board of Education Results

Two seats are open and only one board member can be elected from each district.

Lonnie “Sonny” Brewster: 677 (Tygart)

Harvey Taylor: 1,055 (Tygart)

Anthony Higgins: 487 (Cheat)

Amanda Smith: 1,945 (Tygart)*

Bruce Haddix: 966 (Cheat)

Rachel Anger: 2,899 (Elkins)*

Lorraine Hartman Corley: 1,062 (Elkins)

*Newly elected members of the Randolph County Board of Education.